Cornyn challenger rumors

The Hotline blog has some rumors about possible Cornyn challengers:

Despite Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's (R) resounding '06 win, one TX Dem insider says Dems are hopeful that a strong challenger to Sen. John Cornyn (R) will still emerge. The Dem claims Cornyn "has significantly lower approval rating" than Hutchison and that Gov. Rick Perry's (R) plurality win shows the TX GOP base is only 40% of voters. However the Dem concedes that a credible challenger would have to start raising money right now for what could be a $12M campaign.

Already mentioned as possibilities are '98/'02 LG nominee/ex-Comp. John Sharp (D) and Houston Mayor Bill White (D), but ex-Rep. Jim Turner (D) still has over $1M CoH left over. There are "rumblings" about Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-28) running, and '02 nominee/ex-Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk's (D) name gets batted around occasionally too.

Posted by Evan @ 11/21/06 05:34 PM


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I'm betting they put Sharp up agains Cornyn.

White's being groomed for Guv and all of the other names there have too many minuses.

Of course, Sharp will need to dissasociate himself from the new business tax, but that could be done with the aid of the media pretty quickly.

Posted by Cory @ 11/22/06 10:30 AM

The thought of Bill White as senator is very scary - I'm not on cornyn's side but white, sharp - can't the demo's come up with something better than these admitted socialists.

Posted by paco @ 11/24/06 12:51 PM

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