Hutchison, Cornyn rise in GOP Senate leadership

Kay Bailey Hutchison is now the #4 Republican in the Senate, and John Cornyn took her old place at #5 in the leadership.

A non-insignificant amount of the establishment is less than enthused with Cornyn, but it'll be interesting to see if they want to replace his 6 years of experience and leadership post.

Posted by Evan @ 11/16/06 02:03 PM


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I'm confused about what you mean when you say "a non-insignificant amount of the establishment is not enthused about Cornyn." Who are these unenthusiastic people -- can you name some names? Who do you consider the "establishment" to be, by the way...Democrats, Republicans, big donors, state officials, who? Help me out here.

Posted by ConservTexan @ 11/16/06 11:08 PM

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