Chris Bell for President '08

Let's recap Chris Bell's history:

Lose a race for state rep in for City Council in the nation's 4th largest city.
Lose a race for mayor in a landslide...cut a deal and run for Congress.
Lose your re-election campaign in a primary by 2 to for governor of the second largest state.
Lose by double digits (more or less) in running for governor... What next?

Clearly Chris Bell should run for president!

Okay, I couldn't resist the humor. But seriously, sometimes hubris is rewarded. But, sometimes it isn't.

Posted by Evan @ 11/15/06 01:25 AM


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If that is the test, perhaps it should be "Michael Fjetland for President '08."

I lost 4 races against Tom DeLay by double digits. That beats Bell's record!

Couldn't resist the humor...

Posted by Michael Fjetland @ 11/16/06 10:18 PM

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