Liveblogging at the Perry party

I'm the kid in a dark suit, red tie, yellow shirt (client meeting today), sitting down with the media with a laptop open. It's hard to miss me.

8:38: Dewhurst takes the stage. "Wow. What a difference four years makes."

9:00 Abbott and Combs both spoke. They spoke less than Dewhurst.

9 Bonilla to face a run-off? He's at 49%.

9:05 Unfortunately, all my calls in races around the nation look right. Yikes.

9:10 Talent leads in MO! I hope this is the race I miss each cycle.
9:11 Allen leads! He might pull it off after all.

9:30 Jerry Patterson "To the Democrats who ran against this statewide team: what were you thinking?" Pretty funny.

Posted by Evan @ 11/07/06 09:40 PM


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