Kinky Friedman has a girlfriend

Polly Ross Hughes brings us today's Page 6 tidbit:

The new woman in Friedman's life, Issy Drinkall, of London, belies the 62-year-old humorist's joke that he's "too young for Medicare and too old for a woman to care."

Drinkall owns an advertising sales company representing several U.S. and German magazines. "I live in England, but my heart's in Texas in more ways than one," she said in a telephone interview from London.

Drinkall, 33, bought a house in Medina after falling in love with the Texas Hill Country while staying on a ranch in Bandera four years ago. She met Friedman last March, swinging by his nearby Echo Ranch to introduce herself after completing a solo 4,000-mile road trip.

"He was awestruck that a single woman drove across America, an Englishwoman at that," she said.

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