The Silly comes out in the closing days

Apparently, this is sexist:

Singer: Real feats of corruption.
Announcer: Today we salute you, Mrs. Corrupt Comptroller Politician Woman.
Singer: Mrs. Corrupt Comptroller Politician Woman
Announcer: Only you, Carole Strayhorn, could take three hundred thousand dollars from your top tax consultant contributor, grant them a $50 million payday and claim you knew nothing about it.
Singer: A crazy coinky-dink!
Chorus: Coinky-dink!
Announcer: When contributors come calling, tax refunds come falling. Comptroller Strayhorn, you didn't just give one refund to a contributor. No, you did it thirty-six hundred times.
Singer: That's a whole lotta coinky-dinks! Whoa yeah!
Announcer: And when the state auditor told you to stop taking tax-tainted went ahead and took a million dollars more.
Singer: Not that anyone is counting
Announcer: So here's to you Carole Strayhorn: you not only sold your did it thirty-six hundred times.
Singer: Mrs. Corrupt Comptroller Politician Woman.
Yup. Strayhorn held a press conference to claim that Rick Perry's radio ad was sexist. She says the ad implies a woman "is not strong enough or tough enough" to be governor. Perhaps Strayhorn has missed "Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy" or "Real Men of Genius." Perry's camp has a poll for people to vote on which one is better. My vote is easy: the Bell spot is much funnier.

C'mon. She hasn't objected to people making fun of her ever-changing name (which could at least she could credibly claim to be gender-linked, as a man doesn't change names when divorced), but she objects to this? That's just silly.

Posted by Evan @ 11/03/06 12:06 AM


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