Ventura campaigning for Friedman

Former Minnesota indie guv Jesse Ventura was in Texas to campaign for Kinky Friedman:

Kinky Friedman began a three-day college tour Monday with former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, whose surprise victory in 1998 is serving as the template for Friedman's independent populist run for Texas governor.

"You can throw a monkey wrench into the machine,"Ventura said, urging students at the University of Texas at San Antonio to vote."You elect an independent and you send a message."

Ventura, wearing his long beard in a single braid, said the GOP and Democrats prefer the odds of a small voter turnout like the 29 percent of eligible voters who showed up to elect Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who is running for re-election.

My recollection of Ventura's campaign is that he was serious about issues. He didn't boast about what he didn't know. Friedman does, and because it makes good copy, the media reports it. That sort of thing filters down to voters, and is why Friedman can't pass 15%.

Posted by Evan @ 09/26/06 09:07 AM


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I was in neighboring South Dakota when Jesse Ventura got elected. While he has a great grasp of the issues, it should be noted that as an independent, he did get Republicans and DFLers to work together. Against Him!

Under a Kinky Friedman administration, he'd get it much worse. But then again, it sounds like Kinky will be on tour most of the time anyway.

Posted by Brad S @ 10/02/06 03:54 PM

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