Well, he is an actor

Jaime Castillo:

You can imagine my surprise when 10 or 15 minutes into our Hill Country journey, Perry was down on all fours mimicking a camel in the aisle of a custom bus.

I kid you not.

After the governor learned that another journalist had spent her youth in Saudi Arabia, Perry started telling stories about the six weeks in 1975 he spent at the same military installation as an Air Force pilot.

Breaking into a wide smile, Perry recalled the day he saw a bright red Ford pickup on a desert road. In the driver's seat was a Bedouin man wearing a traditional headdress and in the bed of the pickup was a camel, kneeling.

Slinging his 6-foot 1-inch frame onto the bus floor, Perry dug his black cowboy boots in the carpet and craned his neck.

"The camel was peeking around the cab like this," he said. "I looked at the driver, and man, I said, 'He's Texas.'"

I'm amused, even if I'm not sure why from Castillo's re-telling.

I emailed Castillo asking exactly what the joke was. Was it that the camel was like the dog in the back of a pickup? Castillo didn't seem quite sure, but seemed to think that it was.

The anecdote is a little silly, but I doubt the Perry folks mind much. After all, Perry's been a bit of a punching bag in the media with three folks running against him. So stories help humanize him.

Oh, and need I remind you that the governor is an actor?

Posted by Evan @ 09/22/06 07:01 AM


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