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I have to comment on this, talking about Strayhorn's new ad (all her ads, really):

Mrs. Strayhorn stands in front of a stark white background and talks directly into the camera. The simple design and the candidate's calm, authoritative demeanor are aimed at counteracting contentions by Gov. Rick Perry's campaign that Mrs. Strayhorn is "angry" and "shrill."

I see where they are coming from, but I think this is one of the things that rings false about Strayhorn's ad.

Look, I know most voters aren't really paying attention yet. But certain things tend to filter through, and that's been the general confrontational style that Comptroller Strayhorn has adopted over the past few years and past few months on the campaign trail.

She's supposed to be tough (it's in her nickname slogan!) and impassioned. That has trickled down through the filter to your average not-caring-that-much-yet voter. So when an ad like this is on, I just don't think it jibes with what the majority of voters feel to be true about Carole Strayhorn.

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Posted by Evan @ 09/22/06 06:35 AM


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I also think its awful b/c she holds her head so high, she is literally looking down her nose at the camera. I don't know if this is her natural pose or if she's simply trying to avoid so many chins for the TV viewers.

Either way, it looks haughty.

Posted by Chris Elam @ 09/22/06 09:12 AM

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