Text of Rick Perry's new ad

Rick Perry's ad came out a day before Strayhorn's ad, but it's not intentional that I didn't get to writing it up.

Here's the text of the Guv's ad, "Schools":

"Public school funding, student achievement and standards are all up. I'm proud of Texas schools. Since I became governor education funding has increased 9 billion dollars. We passed a two thousand dollar teacher pay raise, and the nation's largest merit pay program. We've accomplished a lot but we still can do more. That's why we're directing schools to spend at least sixty-five percent of their money on classroom instruction. Education is our future, and my highest priority"

I noticed that ABC13 factchecked the ad and said, "Perry's ad for education was too truthful."

This made me laugh. I never thought I'd hear that about anyone's ad. ABC13 also reprints the Perry camp's factual support for their ad.

Posted by Evan @ 09/21/06 06:32 AM


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