SurveyUSA poll numbers

Via Paul Burka, I see that Survey USA has released new numbers.

Survey USA, 536 likely voters, +/- 4.3%, Sept 16-18
"If the election for Governor of Texas were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for?"

Perry 35%
Friedman 23%
Bell 23%
Strayhorn 15%
Werner 2%

I can't find the dates the automated poll was in the field, but Burka says the dates are Sept 16-18, so I'm sure he's right. Burka also analyzes the poll, much of which I concur with.

I think the main thing to come away with from this poll is that Strayhorn's first media spots didn't move her numbers. I've been more or less saying this for a few months, but I'll repeat it again. Strayhorn's campaign over the summer was all over the place. There was no consistent narrative, and it's going to be awfully hard for her to find one now.

Posted by Evan @ 09/20/06 04:31 PM


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You mean, I'm a bigmouth bitchy grandma isn't an effective narrative? :D

Posted by kevin @ 09/20/06 05:51 PM

That is basically how she came across as... all she ever did was complain in her ads, she never offered any ideas. She is selling herself as being "for change", but to what?

Posted by Anonymous @ 10/05/06 10:12 AM

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