One newspaper bought the story, the other didn't

I've been amused that Democrats are pushing this story:

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds said he personally recruited Taylor to challenge Edwards in the Central Texas district and was involved from the "earliest days." But it's not clear if that recruitment occurred before or after Taylor bought a house near West.

Edwards used those comments to suggest Taylor "made the decision to run for Congress here before he lived here."

Taylor said he was not recruited by anyone outside the district to run for Congress. He wouldn't say when his conversation with Reynolds about running for office occurred.

Taylor said he decided to move to a house outside West in the summer of 2005 because he thought it would be the perfect place to raise his family. He has said that his first encouragement to run for the seat came from Republican Party leaders within the district.

Seems like a funny story for Democrats to be pushing, considering that Nick Lampson still doesn't really live in district 22 (he's renting a room in his aunt's house, unless something has changed recently).

What's the difference? As far as I can tell, the difference is that the Waco Trib bought the story, and the Houston Chron didn't.

Posted by Evan @ 09/20/06 03:06 PM


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The difference is, one's a Republican and one's a Democrat. And both newspapers are still liberal rags.

Posted by Cynic @ 09/20/06 04:30 PM

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