Strayhorn advertising on RedState

I noticed Carole Strayhorn has a BlogAd up on RedState. It's over on the right sidebar. For those who don't know, Red State is probably the nexus of the right-leaning online activist community.

The ad costs $500 for 1 week, less if you buy more than 1 week.

I was a little surprised. Most of the folks at RedState have probably made up their mind, most of 'em for Perry. RedState doesn't exactly seem to be the place she'd be advertising, but then, I haven't exactly figured out her advertising strategy. And that, I think is the problem: she's all over the place.

UPDATE: As if they were trying to make my point, a RedState subblog posts on it.

Posted by Evan @ 09/20/06 02:45 PM


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She's running it on PinkDome too.

Posted by BOR @ 09/23/06 08:50 PM

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