It's that time of year again

It's about this time of the election cycle* when the Houston Chronicle decides that they'd like to publish a poll of local races.

Who do they always turn to? Doctors Stein and Murray. The same folks that they quote in every article about politics.

Personally, I'm hoping -- but not expecting -- that the Chron decides to hire professional pollsters this year. I suspect that one of the reasons the Chron hires Stein and Murray is because they're cheaper. However, their polls simply don't compare to any professional pollster. The poll they did on DeLay in January was just a disaster, and an embarrassment to the Chron.

And of course, it pains me to criticize any professor from my alma mater. Rice's reputation is underrated enough outside of Texas as it is.

* 50 days until election day.

Posted by Evan @ 09/19/06 07:33 PM


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