Perry 44%
Bell 31%
Friedman 13%
Strayhorn 10%
Werner 2%

That's my intuition right now. I'll write more when I get a chance.

Posted by Evan @ 09/14/06 08:30 PM


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Strayhorn 42%
Perry 31%
Bell 14%
Kinky 12%
Werner 1%
(Texans are tired of Perry--Strayhorn's turn, and she has the money and real plans without foreign toll roads and income taxes.)

Posted by NoNewTaxes @ 09/14/06 10:28 PM

This scenario is incredibly far-fetched.

Posted by evan @ 09/15/06 04:06 AM

Rasmussen has Perry at 33% (before TV--but all know who he is)
Strayhorn at 22% (before TV)
Bell at 18% (with no money)
Kinky at 16% (with no money)

Posted by NoNewTaxes @ 09/15/06 06:49 AM

I feel like I've seen those before on this site.

Posted by evan @ 09/15/06 04:09 PM

Perry 35%
Kinky 32%
Bell 31%
Werner 2%

Strayhorn is going to drop out. Her numbers have been dropping since she announced her candidacy.

Posted by Phillip @ 09/20/06 03:23 PM

Phillip --

I've never seen anything in Strayhorn's personality that indicates to me that she would even consider dropping out.

Plus, she's got all that money. This is her chance.

Posted by evan @ 09/20/06 03:37 PM

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