I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin'

Gardner Selby writes up Chris Bell's Kerry-esque hunting photo-op:

Like the last silver-haired candidate to face a front-running West Texan for governor, Chris Bell hunted birds Sunday.

But the former Houston U.S. House member and current Democratic nominee for governor didn't fire a shot during his twilight walk through green goat weed and yellow field daisies near what his guide described as the largest cottonwood tree in the nation.

Bell's borrowed shotgun was in the safety position when he attempted to squeeze the trigger on a flitting dove then shot by his guide, Tony Timmons.

"He about broke his finger trying to pull the trigger," Timmons told a hunting pal afterward.

Bell said he hasn't found many opportunities to hunt near Houston and hadn't hunted since a 1988 venture in the Panhandle. Before his Sunday jaunt, he said, "I'm certainly trying not to be anything I'm not.

"A lot of what you do in a campaign is symbolic. Plus, I think I'll have some fun."

Bell never even fired a shot. Yikes.

I ain't sayin, I'm just sayin.

If you haven't been hunting in almost 20 years, and you've never taken your two sons hunting, then why on earth would you try this photo-op? Seems pretty Kerry-esque to me.

Posted by Evan @ 09/11/06 04:49 PM


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The Rasmussen was on August 30th -- pre ads.

Posted by Martha C @ 09/11/06 07:41 PM

this is really a boned headed move on Bells part who is he trying to fool?

Posted by hamiltonfan @ 09/12/06 10:25 AM

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