Text of the TV ads

Here's the text of Carole Strayhorn's two ads. They both feature Strayhorn in front of a light background, talking to the camera. You can see "Carole" here. The spots were produced by Alex Castellanos, in DC:

STRAYHORN: "Why am I running for governor? Here's why: I'm 67 years old. My future isn't in politics. It's my grandkids. And I want to protect their future from an Austin that doesn't listen, spnds money we don't have and taxes us when they want more. We have under-funded schools, overtaxed homeowners, foreign-owned toll roads, and a Capitol full of politicians more worried about special interests than about us. I'm Carole Keeton Strayhorn. This Grandma wants to shake Austin up"

"Texans First"
STRAYHORN: "Partisan politics has let us all down. In Austin, they are so busy yelling at each other they've stopped listening to us. Let's remember who we are. Before we were Republicans and Democrats, before we chose sides, we were first and foremost Texans. And we've got to learn to set aside our political differences and get something done. I'm Carole Keeton Strayhorn. This election let's do something serious. Let's make Austin listen. Let's shake Austin up."

This is the text of Perry's ad "Border," done by David Weeks in Austin. It features Perry walking on the border. You can see it here.

"If Washington won't protect our border, Texas will. Here along the Rio Grande we're funding a border-wide crime control effort, led by local law enforcement." ANNCR: "Governor Rick Perry ordered the Texas National Guard to provide border security support six months before the president requested it. And he's fighting for 100 million dollars to stop illegal activity." PERRY: "We're increasing patrols, using technology to stop terrorists from crossing our border. We can't have homeland security without border security." ANNCR: "Governor Rick Perry, Keeping Texans safe"

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