Special session.

Rick Perry's release:

Gov. Rick Perry today announced that he will call a special session of the legislature beginning on Monday, April 17, at 2 p.m.

"The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that Texas' current tax system must be reformed by June 1," Perry said. "This special session provides legislators of both parties a rare opportunity to significantly reduce property taxes, make substantial reforms to the franchise tax so it is fairer and broader, and ensure our schools have a reliable and constitutional stream of revenue."

The governor will issue a proclamation outlining the specific issues for the session at a later date.

Would it surprise you that Strayhorn had a reaction, and that she wasn't complimentary of Perry?
Strayhorn, who brought her independent campaign for governor to San Antonio, said Perry deliberately delayed convening a special session until after the primaries, so Republicans didn't have to deal with the issue at the same time they were on the campaign trail.

"Now he is punting it as far as he can go to get everybody past runoff elections," she said. "It is purely for political and partisan reasons."

We've got a month until the special. Anyone want to take odds on what the Legislature will accomplish (or won't)?

I know this is olds, not news. But I'm trying to catch up.

Posted by Evan @ 03/21/06 03:07 AM


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The joy of a special session is so exciting for moi that I am happy to read about it again and again.

Posted by Kimmy @ 03/25/06 08:44 PM

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