Strayhorn gets Sanchez, Price. Friedman gets Willie


Two [names that Carole Strayhorn] likes to point out: Former Democratic nominee for governor Tony Sanchez and former House Speaker Rayford Price, who left the Democrats to become a Republican.

Sanchez ran for governor in 2002 but lost in a landslide to Gov. Rick Perry, who Strayhorn hopes to challenge in November. Price was a Democrat when he was House speaker in 1972 before switching to the Republican Party in 1973.

Strayhorn, who was elected state comptroller as a Republican, and writer-humorist-musician Kinky Friedman are both collecting signatures in order to get on the Nov. 7 ballot as independents.

Friedman launched a new radio ad touting biodiesel as a fuel alternative with country music star Willie Nelson as his pitchman. Nelson tells listeners, "I'll be one of those signatures. I hope you will, too."

Willie was already expected.

Sanchez and Price are surprises. It's worth pointing out that Sanchez isn't exactly the staunchest Democrat, having support George W. Bush while governor, and becoming a big enough fundraiser for Bush's 2000 presidential campaign to be named a Pioneer.

Still, it's a blow to Bell. I'll have more on this soon, when I'll offer updated thoughts on the race in partial response to Royal Masset's recent QR column.

Posted by Evan @ 03/19/06 10:54 PM


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