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UPDATE: Cuellar appears very likely to win without a runoff. Cuellar leads Rodriguez by only something like 48%-45%, but according to the Secretary of State, there are only 5 precincts still out in Bexar County (San Antonio, and Rodriguez's home base), while all 30 precincts are still out in Webb County (Laredo, Cuellar's home base). If none of Webb County is in, then Cuellar should end up avoiding a runoff easily. [Further update: I've seen that some folks are hesitant to call this race, but I'm more than willing. If all 30 Webb County boxes are out and the margins are what SoS says they are, then Cuellar will win without a runoff. Further update 2: Apparently the Webb County voting machines were incorrectly programmed, and thus votes will be extracted from cards attached to each machine.]

**As you can read about at my other blog, Tom DeLay has been renominated with somewhere over 60% of the vote.

** Henry Cuellar leads Ciro Rodriguez 49% to 45% with 70% of the precincts in. I have no idea which 30% is out and it matters very much in this race. If all 30% is in San Antonio, Rodriguez might be able to win without a runoff. If all 30% is in Laredo, then Cuellar will win by double digits.

**Van Taylor edged Tucker Anderson to be the CD17 nominee to face Democratic Congressman Chet Edwards.

**Texas House Education Committee Chairman Grusendorf appears to have almost definitely lost to challenger Diane Patrick.

**Incumbent Democrat state Sen. Frank Madla appears to have been unseated by state Rep. Carlos Uresti in SD19.

**Radio talker Dan Patrick absolutely crushed two sitting State Reps. and one City Councilman. He took almost 70% of the SD7 vote in a four way race.

**Two of the so-called "Leininger Five" appear to have won. Nathan Macias has a 45 vote lead over Rep. Carter Casteel with all boxes counted in the New Braunfels district. Wayne Christian appears to have won his old seat in East Texas back from Roy Blake, Jr. Christian left the seat to run for Congress in CD1, which Louie Gohmert eventually won in a runoff. Tommy Merritt, Charlie Geren, and Delwin Jones all appear to have comfortably held off Leininger-funded challengers by at least double digits.

** Glenn Hegar beat Gary Gates in SD18.

**Local Harris County races: Al Edwards leads by double-digits two challengers in the Democratic HD146 primary but may face a runoff, Patricia Harless edged John Devine in HD126 (Hamric's old seat), and Mike Schofield will face Jim Murphy in a runoff in HD133 (Nixon's old seat). All 3 candidates in HD133 got between 31% and 35% of the vote. Very close race.

** Justice Don Willett beat out former Justice Stephen Wayne Smith 52%-48%. Smith is the guy who unseated Xavier Rodriguez in the 2002 primary, only to lose in the 2004 primary.

** In the ongoing so-called conservative v. moderate battle on the Texas Court of Appeals, Sharon Keller beat Tom Price 53%-47%. Price remains on the same court, of course, leading to some very interesting discussions in chambers, I'm sure.

** Barbara Radnofsky will face a runoff with perennial candidate Gene Kelly (44% to 38%)for the right to be the Democratic sacrificial lamb to Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Posted by Evan @ 03/08/06 12:11 AM


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Anderson waited until pretty late to concede. Republicans in TX-17 have a hard time admitting they lost before newspaper deadlines I've noticed from years of experience. (Don't make me tell you the story about Arlene Wohlgemuth's campaign in 2004).

Posted by Nate @ 03/08/06 12:04 PM

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