1. Corrie MacLaggan in the Statesman devotes an article to Hispanics lack of thrill over their options this year, especially the Democratic statewides.

2. The Midland Reporter-Telegram included a line in their endorsement of Chris Bell that I thought was pretty funny, "...both Bell and Gammage have been well-funded, something most of the Democrats can't claim."

Bell and Gammage are well-funded? Only relative to other Democrats running statewide.

3. Clay Robison's column in the Chron:

THE act was hardly convincing, but Carole Keeton Strayhorn tried the other day to perform the impossible, distinguishing between her official role as state comptroller and her political role as would-be governor.

Tried? Well, sort of. Actually, she made a feeble comment about trying, for appearance's sake more than anything.

The occasion was a news conference in one of the comptroller's official, taxpayer-owned conference rooms in which Strayhorn gave an "official" update on the "challenges facing Texas education."

4. Ratcliffe in the Houston Chronicle on the differences between Friedman and Strayhorn on voting in the primary:

Friedman is running a "Save yourself for Kinky," don't-vote-in-the-primaries campaign based on the idea that primary voters are the most involved in Texas, and therefore the ones most likely to sign an independent candidate's petition.


"I'm not telling anyone not to go vote," Strayhorn said, noting there are House primary races across the state in which the public education community is running candidates against low-tax and private-school voucher supporters. Strayhorn, who said she's not voting in the primary, has the backing of teacher groups.

"You can still vote in those races that are important for education, and then you can still be supporting me in the fall," Strayhorn said.


"Texans can do better than a governor who cannot govern, a comptroller who cannot count and a secretary of state who is not above partisan politics," said Friedman campaign manager Dean Barkley.

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