New Dallas Morning News poll

The Dallas Morning News commissioned a poll. Their writeup is here.

The full results are here.

Posted by Evan @ 02/19/06 12:47 AM


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Perhaps the most interesting question was the one of who Kinky Friedman supporters would vote for if Kinky was not on the ballot/in the race. It seems that there is no clear contingent that Kinky is pulling from. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Kinky's unfavorables are pretty up there, but a good percentage of the people that responded did not "know enough" to give an opinion. I wonder if any of the other candidates will take advantage of being able to paint Kinky as unqualified/a joke/undesireable while they still can.

Anyone have any thoughts/predictions on who will go hard negative first and on whom?

Posted by Graham @ 02/19/06 12:27 PM

Strayhorn will go negative on Kinky first in order to keep him from gaining traction and consolidate her status as the only viable alternative to "do-nothing Perry" in a solidly GOP state. She'll then try to draw on Kinky's sassy populism but will probably fail miserably in that regard.

I doubt that the dems will go seriously negative first, although there will always be veiled attacks by nature of their ethics-based campaigns.

Posted by irish texan @ 03/04/06 04:57 PM

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