National ticket talk: who wants to be Veep?

Long time Statesman reporter Dave McNeely writes on possible national ambitions of Texas' politicos.

Last month, Gov. Rick Perry declined to say whether he'll serve the full four-year term he's seeking this year.

"I'm interested in getting things done," Perry told reporters during a campaign fly-around in mid-January. "If I can get 'em done in six years, great and good. If I can get 'em done in eight years, great and good. If it takes me 12 years, great and good."

Presuming he wins, asked San Antonio Express-News reporter Peggy Fikac, would he serve the full term?

"I'm not saying one way or the other," Perry replied. "I'm saying that I'm focused on November of '06 and that is as far -- from (an) electoral standpoint -- that I'm comfortable discussing."

Sounds like Perry's keeping his options open to join a national ticket in 2008.


Perry has been making the rounds in Washington, D.C. -- ostensibly to seek federal dollars for Texas -- but also to see and be seen by national power brokers. His political consultant, after all, is David Carney of New Hampshire, which holds the first presidential primary.

Texas' current senior senator, Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, considered running for governor against Perry to add executive experience to her appeal for a national ticket. But she decided fairly certain re-election this year, plus her Senate service and gender, would have to do, rather than face a nasty, divisive primary battle she might lose.

It may seem a long shot for Perry to get on a national ticket. But guts, hard campaigning and a lot of luck have already taken him much further than many onlookers thought possible.

I wrote about this a few months ago. My thoughts haven't changed: it's very, very improbable that Perry (or Hutchison) will be on the Republican ticket in 2008.

Posted by Evan @ 02/17/06 12:38 PM


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I cant wait for Hutchison to retire so Hensarling can be out next senator.

Posted by Sentinel @ 02/18/06 06:49 PM

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