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1. Selby's Statesman read on the attacks over Perry's Bahamas trip two years ago to talk about school finance.

2. Lots of reviews of last night's premier of CMT's reality show series on Kinky Friedman's campaign. Here's the Chron. FWST. Meanwhile, the New York Times previewed the show. Unfortunately, I had to miss the show, so no review from me.

3. Wayne Slater talks about Kinky's voting record, or lack thereof. Friedman's voted once in the past 12 years, because he says, "I did not like my choices."

"I was for Bush in 2004," he said. "He's a good man trapped in a Republican's body."

Mr. Friedman said he supported Bill Clinton in the 1990s but didn't vote for him because he was often on tour outside the country.

"I was doing a lot of music then," he said.

He added: "And I campaigned like hell for Ann Richards [in 1994], but I don't think I voted. I should have set up absentee arrangements, but I didn't."

4. San Antonio Express News on "to vote or not to vote":

Friedman is using the catchy "Save yourself for Kinky" slogan to encourage voters not to vote in the March 7 primary election.

Anyone who votes in the primary cannot sign a petition for an independent candidate.

Strayhorn, however, is encouraging people to vote.

"We are telling voters that if you vote in the primary, you can still vote for (Strayhorn) in November in the general election," said Mark Sanders, spokesman for Strayhorn. "We still have that 9 (million) or 10 million people that can sign our petition."

Bruce Buchanan, government professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said getting signatures is expensive and the difference in the campaigns is probably because of money.

He said that Friedman is using his slogan because it might be less costly and it is an easy way for him to get votes.

Friedman's camp is also pretty upset that Secretary of State Roger Williams is encouraging people to vote and says it may take two months to validate petitions. It's understandable that they are upset, but the Sec of State generally encourages people to vote.

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