Kinky Friedman calls for tax cut?

He never ceases to surprise me:

Kinky Friedman on Tuesday became the second candidate in the gubernatorial race to say surplus state funds should be returned to taxpayers.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn, the state comptroller, called last year for unspent dollars to be spread among hurricane-damaged communities. She subsequently said dollars should be delivered to homeowners confronting escalating school property taxes. Friedman and Strayhorn are independent aspirants for governor. Each one can reach the November ballot only by collecting more than 45,000 voter signatures this spring.

Friedman, pegging the state's budget surplus at $3 billion, based on a report by The Associated Press, charged Strayhorn with failing to estimate state revenue and said GOP Gov. Rick Perry, who seeks re-election, has not been "looking out for the interests of the people."

Perry spokesman Robert Black, noted that Perry favors cutting school property taxes by billions and that he intends to call a spring session on property taxes and public education.

"We're happy to see Kinky hop on the tax cut train as it leaves the station," Black said.

Selby's wordsmithing leaves me a bit unclear: was Friedman suggesting a tax cut? A tax rebate? Giving money to hurricane victims? Given the context, I'm assuming Friedman was calling for a tax cut/rebate, which surprises me.

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Posted by Evan @ 02/08/06 09:10 PM


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Selby's wordsmithing always leaves me a bit unclear. It seems Kinky is not calling for a tax cut, just a return of the excess to the taxpayers.

Posted by Lefty @ 02/09/06 02:58 PM

Well, that's a tax rebate, which is just a temporary tax cut.

Whatever you want to call it, I'm still unclear as to what was meant.

Posted by evan @ 02/09/06 03:14 PM

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