More money numbers

Peggy Fikac -- SAEN has the new fundraising numbers:

. . .Bell reported raising the $60,681 and spending $73,270.

Bell, a former congressman out of Houston, reported $152,297 in cash on hand as of Jan. 26, down from $165,444 as of Dec. 31.

Stanford said the campaign raised "six figures" in the entire month of January, noting the Jan. 26 cutoff.

Jeremy Warren of Gammage's campaign provided his candidate's totals, saying Gammage had $61,929.20 cash on hand as of Jan. 26. That is up from $52,940 at the end of 2005.

A former state lawmaker and congressman who also has served on the Texas Supreme Court, Gammage raised $30,507.94 and spent $23,964.94 during the first part of the year, Warren said. He got into the race late in 2005.

Perry reported raising $260,738 during the last reporting period and having $9.1 million cash on hand after expenditures including advertising and a three-day, 12-city tour launching his re-election campaign.

He had $11.5 million cash on hand at the end of 2005. His campaign said about $2 million was spent on television and radio advertising.

Because only candidates in contested primaries were required to file Monday, neither Strayhorn nor fellow independent hopeful Kinky Friedman, an entertainer and author, had to submit reports. Both are bypassing the primaries with their effort to get on the ballot as independent candidates.

Friedman's campaign, when asked by a reporter, said he raised about $125,000 in January but didn't immediately have a tally for expenditures.

Strayhorn, who reported $8.1 million cash on hand at the end of 2005 and also ran TV advertising in January, didn't provide a voluntary update. Her campaign donors include traditionally Democratic backers.

"The Democratic donor base has to realize that the best chance at beating Rick Perry is to support Chris Bell," said Stanford, his spokesman.

"There is a ton of Democratic money in the governor's race right now. The only problem is, right now, it's going to a Republican."

In this, Bell's/Gammage's interest coincide with Perry.

Which makes you wonder: it may make more sense right now for the Democrats' to try to reduce Strayhorn's poll numbers than Perry's, in the hopes that they can recapture the flow of Democratic money.

Posted by Evan @ 02/07/06 12:28 PM


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