Wes Clark speechifys for Bob Gammage

Kristen Mack has these quotes from Wes Clark's endorsement speech at a rally for Bob Gammage:

"I support Bob Gammage because he's the strongest Democrat in this race and has the most progressive platform for the people of Texas," said Clark, who unsuccessfully sought the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.

"He is a proven leader who will fight for the needs of all Texans, not the lobbyists, the special interests or the powerful partisan elites. He's grown up with Texas values of independence, integrity and commitment to family and neighbors and he will carry those values into the governor's office. I look forward to helping him in his fight to build a better Texas."

Gammage chaired Clark's '04 campaign in Texas, so it's not too surprising. I'm more interested in how much Gammage raised from the Clark fundraiser. I have an email in to the Gammage campaign to find out.

Posted by Evan @ 01/27/06 03:10 PM


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