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National political handicapper Chuck Todd column-izes ten statewide races across the nation, five of which look more competitive, and five of which look less competitive.

Five races that appear less competitive now than a year ago:

2. Texas Governor: A year ago, Rick Perry (R) was trailing by double-digits in polls to likely primary challenger, Kay Bailey Hutchison. Now that Perry has no primary opposition, there are two independent challengers more serious than any potential Democratic nominee. Plus, Perry now has a record of accomplishment during Katrina that forever buried the "empty suit" description many a Republican used to whisper about him. Look, we're as fascinated by the two independents (Carole Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman) as the next junkie, but given how things looked for Perry a year ago, there's a lot of light at the end of his re-election tunnel.

It was around this time that Hutchison hired Terry Sullivan and Chad Wilbanks, and every indication was that she'd run.

Folks like Todd go a long way towards shaping the conventional wisdom, which is why I excerpt them here every now and then.

Posted by Evan @ 01/26/06 11:43 AM


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What exactly was Perry's record of accomplishment during Katrina? He didn't blockade the LA border, and refugees had a place to go? He didn't accomplish anything outside of flying in a helicopter and not messing up his hair.

Posted by Lefty @ 01/26/06 01:30 PM

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