Candidates on national TV

Rick Perry is visiting Texas troops in Iraq.

Gov. Rick Perry, during a surprise visit with Texas troops in Iraq Tuesday, urged Americans to remain patient despite fresh reports of a rebuilding effort mired in problems.

"Obviously, you're not going to rebuild a country overnight, but I think this is going along very well," Perry told Fox News Channel in a televised interview at 10:10 p.m. Baghdad time.

"I think it's going along about as well as it can be considering the lack of infrastructure that was here even before the war started," he added.

The Texas governor was responding to published reports that an upcoming government study will show America's $25 billion reconstruction efforts in Iraq have been complicated by understaffing, infighting, a lack of technical expertise and other problems.

Perry's trip to the Iraqi war zone, along with three other governors invited by the U.S. Department of Defense, was announced at the Texas Capitol by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Perry landed in Kuwait on Monday with Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and Democratic Govs. Dave Freudenthal of Wyoming and Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, he said.

Perry got some face time on MSNBC and Fox News.

Meanwhile, Kinky Friedman was on Jay Leno. Nothing really notable about the show, most of his usual lines. Except at the end he said that Kate Beckinsale -- the headlining guest -- was a candidate for First Lady. Can't blame him for trying, but really, Kinky, she's married.

Posted by Evan @ 01/26/06 12:06 AM


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I found the first lady comment rather amusing as well. I wonder what her husband thinks about a Texan Jewish cowboy hitting on his wife! :)

Posted by Rylz @ 01/26/06 01:20 AM

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