Bell: No school testing

Chris Bell has come out against school testing.

Posted by Evan @ 01/25/06 02:26 PM


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Is that really a winning strategy? As a parent, I like school testing. It gives me a real good idea of how my kids are doing. I don't trust report card grades nearly as much as test results.

Posted by Anne @ 01/25/06 08:04 PM

Well, what Bell is worried about right now is a) the primary and b) whoever the nominee is, the Democratic base is split between Bell, Friedman, and some of Strayhorn.

So it makes sense for Bell to move left, and I assume lots of Democrats don't think school testing is a good idea, though I don't have poll data to back up that assertion.

Posted by evan @ 01/25/06 08:07 PM

He's trying to overcome losing the TSTA endorsement.

That one going to Strayhan hurt, even though they are trying to say it didn't.


Posted by Sedosi @ 01/25/06 10:39 PM

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