Paul Burka, Royal Masset, and Felix Alvarado

Texas Monthly's Paul Burka writes in and explains why Royal Masset might be right when he predicts Felix Alvarado as the Democrats' standard bearer in November:

Royal Masset may be right. Anyway, I'm jealous of him for saying it first. Here's the case for Alvarado. The Democratic party will have a small primary. There is no interest in their statewide ticket. Bell and Gammage won't draw voters to the polls. Locally, the party doesn't have a lot of strength at the courthouse level in major counties, Bexar excepted and, increasingly, Dallas. But the Ds are strong in South Texas, where the primary is the only race that matters, and the turnouts are huge. Alvarado will get most of those votes. The precedent, of course, is that school teacher Victor Morales won the Senate nomination, in 1996, beating two sitting congressmen, John Bryant and Jim Chapman. Then Morales made it into a runoff with Ron Kirk in 2002, beating out Ken Bentsen. If Alvarado makes it into a runoff, virtually all of the runoffs will be in South Texas (if history is any guide). Morales got a lot of free publicity with his pickup truck, and Alvarado may not get that. But his name may be enough.

That's a pretty convincing case. The battle in CD28 will certainly drive turnout up in South Texas.

Posted by Evan @ 01/18/06 05:45 PM


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Thank you for the compliment Paul!

Posted by Royal Masset @ 01/18/06 10:26 PM

Felix Alvarado is the r's only wet dream in the field of d candidates. Shame on both you and Burka for falling for such tranparent partisan blather.

Posted by texxas redd @ 01/19/06 09:32 AM

Texxas Redd --

I doubt Masset would put his credibility on the line for this if he didn't believe it to be true.

Posted by evan @ 01/19/06 02:23 PM

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