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1. Kristen Mack on Kinky Friedman's Houston fundraiser. Friedman described his base as "unlikely and disgusted voters of Texas" while saying he didn't know who Strayhorn's base would be. He also promised not to run for re-election, if elected. The fundraiser raised $80k for the campaign.

2. Longer writup of all the particulars of a Perry campaign stop. My favorite part:

Unopposed in his March 7 primary, except by a couple of little-known Republicans, Perry creates a festive, rurally oriented environment in his rallies, whose rhythms are set by such recordings as "Like Texas in the 1880s," and George Strait's "Heartland, If It Wasn't for Texas" and the Texas-based Fabulous Thunderbirds' "Tough Enough."
Radney Foster! I can't believe the reporter left out Radney Foster -- and the song is called Texas in 1880 -- but good choice by the Perry campaign.

And the article even has Perry bantering with reporters.

Posted by Evan @ 01/13/06 05:09 PM


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