"Strayhorn bashes Perry's politics"

Beth Gallaspy at Beaumont Enterprise:

Independent candidate for governor Carole Keeton Strayhorn criticized incumbent Gov. Rick Perry Thursday for putting politics ahead of solving the state's problems.

Her speech at Southeast Texas Regional Airport was the third in a day of campaigning that included earlier stops in the Rio Grande Valley and Corpus Christi. After about 30 minutes with media representatives in Southeast Texas, she headed for Longview.


"He has given us higher property taxes, bigger government, higher insurance rates, toll roads, has abandoned our border and ignored our broken schools."

Strayhorn brushed aside the idea that by challenging Perry in November rather than in the Republican primary, she and Perry might split the Republican vote and make it easier for a Democrat to win.

"Unless we set aside partisan politics, we're never going to fix our problems," Strayhorn said, adding she has support from Republicans, Democrats, independents and people whose political affiliations she does not know.

Posted by Evan @ 01/06/06 08:44 AM


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