No runoffs

A reader asked me this question yesterday:

I remember Ann Richards being in a runoff one year. Are there still runoffs for Gubernatorial Candidates- if so that could drastically change your predictions.
I replied thus:
My guess is that you remember a primary runoff.

The law is written such that all elections are decided by plurality vote unless otherwise specified. Primaries are the only elections that require a majority vote and thus runoffs.

Good question though. You made me nervous enough to go re-check the election code.

So, under some crazy scenarios, the next governor could be elected with a mere 33% of the vote.

Posted by Evan @ 01/04/06 09:37 AM


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The way I figure it under some really crazy scenario the next governor could be elected with 26% of the vote.

Sad how you said Re-elected. You'll have to up the effort on the unbiased analysis front.

Posted by Lefty @ 01/04/06 03:48 PM

I originally wrote re-elected or elected, but then I edited it to read only "elected." Only apparently I deleted "elected" instead. Oops, bad editing.

Thanks for pointing it out, Lefty.

By the way, Lefty, if I'm so biased, I'm curious why so many progressive and Democratic organizations list me as a blog they like (and I don't mean merely a left leaning blog that blogrolls me). In fact, for a while, I was getting Harry Reid's emails to progressive bloggers. That greatly amused this Republican.

Posted by evan @ 01/04/06 04:37 PM

Sorry, my tone did not translate well in text. I enjoy this blog and think you do a good job just laying out the facts. I was just needling you about what was obviously a typo or a funny freudian slip, not accusing you of being biased. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Lefty @ 01/04/06 06:16 PM

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