DeLay vs. World launches

As hinted at yesterday, the Rick Perry vs. the World Media Empire, Inc. is expanding. It is not long before I will practically be Rupert Murdoch.

As a trial, I'm going to do Tom DeLay vs the World. It'll be like this blog, only the focus will be on congressional district 22. You knew that though, right? The site is still a little rough, but there's already a background post on CD22 demographics, and I'll be putting a few posts up in the next day or so.

If people start coming by regularly, then I'll keep doing it. My GoogleAds revenue will increase exponentially. How else will I become Rupert Murdoch?

(yeah yeah, I know I'm not as funny as Eileen.)

UPDATE: I changed the name to Tom DeLay vs. the World.

Posted by Evan @ 01/03/06 06:24 PM


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What's wrong with t delay vs the world??

Posted by texxas redd @ 01/03/06 06:11 PM

I never even thought of it. It could've been a brand name!

Next time, I'll hire you as my consultant on picking blog names.

Posted by evan @ 01/03/06 06:24 PM

Any time.

Posted by texxas redd @ 01/04/06 10:02 AM

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