More on the Sanders phone call

Couple new facts out of the Sanders story from Moritz at FWST:

"I guess I must have complicated someone's scenario, but I'm in this race to stay." said Bell, who was a Houston City Council member before serving in Congress from 2003 to last January.


"I made a friendly phone call, as I do from time to time, and said Chris is not going to win this. No Democrat is," Sanders said. "I told her that he'd have more support for comptroller."

Bell's quote seems to indicate (though he was perhaps joking) that he thinks that Strayhorn wants him out of the campaign for strategic reasons.

Sanders' quote certainly seems to indicate that Strayhorn isn't going to switch. I can't see why he'd say that if a true party switch was at all under consideration.

Posted by Evan @ 12/21/05 09:22 PM


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Now the San Antonio Express News is reporting Sanders offered $3.5 million to a Bexar county commissioner to run as a Republican against Susan Combs for Comptroller. Absolutely bizarre. perhaps Sanders should spend more time working on the campaign is is actually paid to run???????

Posted by gib @ 12/22/05 11:09 AM

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