White House thinks Kay won't run?

A reader passes this along:

White House Doesn't Think Hutchinson Will Run For Texas Governor. US News Bulletin had learned senior Bush aides have concluded that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson likely won't take on Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry in a GOP primary next year. Instead, they believe that Hutchinson will run for reelection in 2006 and serve one more term. Hutchinson has been considering a race, but White House insiders believe that her Senate schedule is too packed to allow enough time for her to run.

Also, GOP strategists believe that her pro-choice position on abortion will mute conservative support for her. While a primary race leading up to the 2006 election is still far off, the contest is picking up steam, with former Rep. Chris Bell setting up an exploratory committee to review the race. As part of their pitch, his team is promoting Bell's complaint about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to the ethics committee while he was in Washington.

I haven't been able to verify this, but I believe it likely to be true.

If anyone can verify that the item is from US News Bulletin -- apparently a coordinated effort between US News and Bulletin News -- then send me an email.

Posted by Evan @ 05/18/05 09:41 PM


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