Armbrister will retire; Patrick poll

State Senator Ken Armbrister will retire, according to the Victoria Advocate, via Chris Elam (who broke this story a month ago).

Meanwhile, Elam also reports that Dan Patrick has another poll showing him widening his lead. Elam's take:

As of Friday, none of these four candidates have actually filed for the race. That may mean nothing, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if this were only a three-candidate race on March 7th. I think Ellis sees the writing on the wall and might bow out. If not, there's plenty of consultants out there ready and able to take the money he's giving away.

I think Joe and Peggy have a couple of good reasons to stick around in this race. For Hamric, she's a woman, she's a moderate, and she is not polling at a paltry 9%. There's simply no way that's true. For Nixon, he has one great hope left to salvage his campaign, and it will be to attack Patrick for staying on the air at KSEV after announcing his candidacy, and for all the subsequent discussions of his campaign on-air. Look for a court challenge to be hurled against Patrick the day after he files to run. There will be a rash of free media for Nixon - he'll look to take advantage of every second of airtime, and every inch of newsprint. And if he's smart, run an old photo.

Both Hamric and Nixon have to force Patrick into a runoff to give themselves the greatest possible chance of victory. I would be highly surprised if there wasn't a chance for voters to come back in April to decide this race.

Posted by Evan @ 12/21/05 01:01 AM


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