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I thought I'd note that Dan Patrick is circulating a poll in state senate district 7 showing him at nearly 40%, with his opponents Mark Ellis, Peggy Hamric, and Joe Nixon stuck in the single digit range.

That seems a little overstated, but since Dan Patrick is still on the air everyday as a radio talk show host with KSEV, it's probable that he's leading on the basis of name ID alone. He's also been advertising his Chuck Norris endorsement.

Hamric and Nixon are currently state reps, while Ellis is a Houston City Councilman. City Council historically hasn't been a good steppingstone to higher office for Republicans in Houston. Hamric has certain advantages, being the only woman and she currently represents more of the district that Nixon. On the other hand, Nixon should have the edge in fundraising.

There are rumors that one of the candidates will file a lawsuit or complain to the ethics commission about Patrick being on the air while running for the seat (he hasn't filed yet, and when he does, he'll go off the air). Whether successful or not, it'll raise the decibel-level of the campaign.

SD7 is heavily Republican (about 73% Republican), so whomever wins the primary will be in the legislature. It'll be an interesting primary to watch.

* Hamric has opened up HD126, where Patricia Harless and John Devine are both running. Devine should have some name ID left over from his Congressional bid in 2004, where he took 39% of the vote in Harris County [Streusand took 28% and eventual runoff winner Mike McCaul took 13% -- Harris County makes up about 1/3 of CD 10.] With that name ID, you'd probably consider Devine the frontrunner.

* Nixon left behind HD133, where Mike Schofield, Jim Murphy, and Barbara Larson are all in the race. I have a guess as to who might be the frontrunner, but I'll ask around more first.

Both house seats are Republican districts; 133 is about 56% Republican and 126 is about 67% GOP. So whoever wins the Republican primary in each district has a very good chance to win the general election as well.

* Meanwhile, former state Rep. Talmadge Heflin says he's planning to challenge current state Rep. Vo. Vo beat Heflin in 2004 by a few votes in a district (HD149) that leans to the GOP by about 52-48 or so. Of course, Heflin has also applied for a job at the Lottery Commission, and he can't do both.

Posted by Evan @ 12/09/05 02:27 PM


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Perry is a complete disgrace. Failed on school finance reform. Failing on enforcement of illegal immigration laws. Is attempting to sellout Texans on the TTC transportation plans to foreign investors and big business. I've voted for Republican governors every since the 70s but if Strayhorn can't defeat Perry in the primaries, the Democrat candidate will get my vote.

Posted by Macks Imons @ 12/11/05 10:26 AM

Heflin has told the Lottery Commission he'd prefer the job over running again.

Posted by carrie @ 12/13/05 02:13 PM

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