The Texas ATM *

Texas Weekly (subscription required) writes that state Rep. Joe Strauss (who won the HD121 special election when Elizabeth Ames Jones was appointed to the Railroad Commission) had a special guest at his fundraiser: Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani wasn't advertised as a special guest, but was a surprise to the folks at the funder.

So, you think he's running for president? Sure sounds like he might be thinking about how to meet donors who might give him money.

Of course, Rudy is presumably spending more time in Texas lately, having become a name partner in the Bracewell and Giuliani law firm. B&G, while headquartered in Houston, has offices in both Austin and San Antonio, so it also makes good business sense for Giuliani to be meeting with political donors from San Antonio.

*The Texas ATM is a reference to complaints by Texas Democrats that national Democrats use Texas to fundraise, but don't campaign here. It doesn't really apply here, I just found it humorous.

Posted by Evan @ 12/09/05 01:22 PM


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