Bells and Clocks

Selby reports over at the Statesman's Postcards from the Trail that Chris Bell was nearly struck by a falling clock when he filed for governor at the Democrat's hq in Austin.

He didn't spell out fresh proposals, though he made it clear he'd favor expanding business taxes both to pay for reductions in local school property taxes and to spend more on education. He said he favors higher teacher salaries and smaller class sizes.

Headline: Democrat advocates expanded business taxes to lower school taxes and bolster education.

That alone could distinguish Bell from Republican leaders, who have appeared wary of saying they want any additional taxes to pay for educational spending hikes.

Bell said that Perry "has basically tried to tell people that state government can meet all their needs and do everything that they want state government to do and they don't have to pay a penny more. And I think people are waking up to the fact that that is completely false."

Posted by Evan @ 12/09/05 12:39 PM


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