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Who would be most likely to win a top-of-the-ticket statewide (Governor, Senator) race in Texas as an independent? If it helps you ponder potential candidates, then you can simply use the 2006 election cycle (without Kinky Friedman, as that'd complicate the analysis).

How high on that list is Kinky Friedman?

Thoughts without revealing my answers: the candidate would have to be well known, be famous for being a Texan (that is, someone like Roger Clemens still isn't particularly known around the state as a Texan), be able to raise money, and able to inspire deep enough support to get on the ballot.

[I wonder if I'd get more participation if I tagged certain other bloggers. Probably, but that's too pro-active for me.]

Posted by Evan @ 12/08/05 04:16 PM


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Lynn Ryan

Posted by Chris Elam @ 12/08/05 11:04 PM

Who's that? I don't think she'd have name ID. ;)

Posted by evan @ 12/08/05 11:06 PM

Hey Evan- I've got a couple:

-Nolan Ryan
-George Strait
-Jerry Jones [urgh]

Posted by Phil @ 12/09/05 08:41 AM

Cowboys quarterbacks all the way... Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman!

But not Quincy Carter or Babe Laufenberg.

Posted by kevin whited @ 12/09/05 09:10 AM

Kevin -- Aikman is from Oklahoma!

Posted by evan @ 12/09/05 04:30 PM

The pride of Henryetta.

But all anybody remembers is those three Super Bowl rings in four years with the Cowboys.

Posted by kevin @ 12/09/05 11:23 PM

Haven't people already talked up Lance Armstrong for gov?

Posted by texas dem @ 12/12/05 12:59 AM

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