Ben Barnes helping raise money for Strayhorn

the AP:

In an ongoing effort to link Republican rival Carole Keeton Strayhorn to leading Democrats, Gov. Rick Perry's campaign on Wednesday chided her for having former Democratic Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes help host one of her fundraisers.

Barnes is among more than 100 people listed on a "host committee" for a Strayhorn fundraiser next week at an Austin home.

Strayhorn's son is White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan who has called Ben Barnes part of "a coordinated attack by John Kerry and his surrogates on the president."

I'm not sure what they were thinking. Doesn't seem like the money will be worth the bad publicity for her.

This is the second time Barnes has surfaced in this cycle's GOP primary. Last year, there were rumors that Ben Barnes was going to head up a group called "Democrats for Hutchison."

Posted by Evan @ 12/08/05 06:32 AM


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