1. Kinky Friedman interview by Bookslut. Always entertaining.

2. John Moritz's FWST take on the latest Texas poll, featuring this quote:

"Once Kinky is on the ballot, it becomes a two-candidate race -- us versus Perry," spokeswoman Laura Stromberg said.
Amusing. Smart, of course, because Friedman is going to be competing with Chris Bell. His best shot at winning (assuming he's on the ballot, that ever-present caveat) means he has to minimize the Democrat's total.

3. Chris Bell got some good press around the state for blasting Perry and the Texas Enterprise Fund.

4. Gardner Selby's latest Statesman column states the obvious: Perry is "likely" to be re-elected. I think the well was a little dry when he was looking for material this week.

5. Comptroller Carole Strayhorn got some good press by travelling to Amarillo to blast the governor. It seems like a good strategy for Strayhorn would be to spend more time outside DFW, Houston, SA, and Austin and focus on local issues. I'm surprised that she hasn't done that to this point.

Posted by Evan @ 12/08/05 06:24 AM


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