Tony Sanchez still thinking about running

Selby posts that Tony Sanchez is still thinking about running for governor in 2006.

A brief tour through a few Democratic blogs seems to suggest that they don't think Sanchez would win the nomination. I'm not so sure. If Sanchez entered the race, I think he'd be a formidable candidate. He can immediately self-finance his campaign into respectability. He'd certainly have the resources to tear down his opponents and run positive pieces on himself. There are lots of folks in the party who have already committed to Chris Bell, but there are lots of Democrats who haven't warmed to Bell, as evidenced by the Bob Gammage trial balloon. Bell's biggest problem is that he wasn't able to raise money, last time candidates were required to report fundraising (mid-July). We'll find out whether Bell has increased his fundraising rate on or before January 17th, which is the next filing deadline for fundraising.

Posted by Evan @ 12/03/05 07:44 PM


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Tony Sanchez is the only democrat that scares the bejibbers out of republicans, especially lil ricky p.

Posted by texxas redd @ 12/04/05 10:34 PM

I think anytime someone can drop almost $100 million on a race, there is a certain element of fear.

On the other hand, I think Perry's campaign would be satisfied with a rematch.

Posted by evan @ 12/05/05 06:36 PM

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