Rick Perry and David Dewhurst

Are there perhaps signs of strain in the Dewhurst - Perry relationship?

Two One bits of evidence:

1. Texas Weekly reports that Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst was upset with Speaker Tom Craddick, because Craddick decided that a joint House-Senate legislative committee was redundant, given the work that Rick Perry's tax commision is doing. Dewhurst is reportedly upset that Perry appointed his last Democratic opponent, John Sharp, to chair the commission. So he wanted a joint legislative committee to make suggestions as well, giving Dewhurst an opportunity for influence. So now, Dewhurst is probably upset with both Craddick and Perry over this matter.

2. Dewhurst recently hired longtime Republican operative David Beckwith. Beckwith had worked for Dewhurst before, of course, but his most recent gig was running Kay Bailey Hutchison's aborted primary challenge to Rick Perry.

If Perry and Dewhurst aren't getting along, then that's not going to help the effort to redo Texas' school finance.

Plus, Dewhurst and Craddick apparently have had an uneasy relationship after Texas Monthly named Craddick as most powerful in Austin, while leaving Dewhurst off the list.

[Sidenote: Beckwith worked in the George HW Bush White House as Dan Quayle's spokesman, while Perry's chief strategist and political consultant Dave Carney was political director in the HW Bush administration.]

UPDATE: Thanks to Gus in the comments for pointing out that Beckwith does indeed work for Cornyn, not Dewhurst. I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Posted by Evan @ 12/02/05 11:49 PM


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Beckwith works for Cornyn now, not Dewhurst.

Posted by gus @ 12/03/05 07:36 AM

You are right. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Post is updated.

Posted by evan @ 12/03/05 02:58 PM

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