The most likely gubernatorial scenario

From an email I sent recently:

Actually, I think right now the most plausible scenario is that Rick Perry stays under 50%, with Kinky Friedman in 2nd. However, there's still a large chance that Friedman will blow up and say something stupid.
I would note that I used the phrase "most plausible scenario." That means that it is more likely than any other individual scenario. Feel free to disagree.

EDIT: Obviously, Friedman still has to get on the ballot. I assume he will, however. If he doesn't, he clearly wasn't ready for primetime anyway. So it doesn't surprise me that Texas Weekly notes that Friedman advisers (Minnesotans, but we welcome them nonetheless) are telling folks that they are aiming for 100,000 or even 200,000 signatures.

Posted by Evan @ 12/02/05 01:14 AM


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wow evan- an independent in 2nd place? I know nothing about Kinky. Where does he fall in the political spectrum?

Posted by Phil @ 12/02/05 10:35 AM

Phil --
Kinky Friedman is a pretty famous Texan, especially to the baby boomer generation. He's capable of drawing support from unlikely places.

Where is he? Good question. He's anti-illegal immigration, pro-gay marriage, pro-prayer in schools. He hasn't really laid out any proposals, running instead on "throw the bums out."

Posted by evan @ 12/02/05 03:33 PM

Chris Bell is not an inspiring candidate, but he is going to have that D by his name, and that's still worth something.

Is Kinky(I) going to win black and hispanic Dem voters? I have trouble believing that, and I just don't see how white former hippie Dem-leaning baby boomers push Kinky(I) ahead of Bell.

Kinky should run as a Dem.

Posted by kevin @ 12/02/05 08:00 PM

Kevin -- I'll address this when I have time. Maybe Tues afternoon or Wed.

Posted by evan @ 12/05/05 06:37 PM

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