Kronberg on the school finance Supreme Court decision

Quorum Report's Harvey Kronberg on the recent Supreme Court decision:

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that our current system of funding schools was unconstitutional because the system had deteriorated into an illegal statewide property tax.

But of course, there's more.

For instance, the Supreme Court rejected most of the legal theories proposed by the attorney general intended to take the courts out of education policy or at least severely limit judicial participation.

On top of that, the court rejected the Legislature's assertion that as long as it has a so-called rational basis, lawmakers can define whatever they want as a suitable and adequate education.

But most interesting of all, the court said that Texas education was adequate and suitable, but just barely. While agreeing with most of the public education failings outlined in Judge Dietz's original ruling, the Court pointed to generally rising test scores as evidence that while flawed and failing many students, Texas education was still adequate and therefore constitutional.

Passed along -- but not in full -- as the best commentary I've seen on the decision.

Posted by Evan @ 11/28/05 06:43 PM


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