Arrogant Euros really shouldn't write about Texas politics

When writing about Texas politics, you should find an author who knows something about Texas politics.

Left-wing UK paper The Guardian (in the UK, newspapers have admitted leanings) profiled Kinky Friedman's campaign for governor. If you don't know much about Texas politics -- I assume most of The Guardian's readers don't -- I'd recommend that you not read this article. It will only confuse you with its inaccuracies. If you're a Texan, it may irk you to read that many paragraphs dripping of superior European elitism.

If you still want to read the article, I'd suggest you try to count the number of factual inaccuracies. My count didn't reach double digits....until I'd read a few paragraphs. I mean, they can't even spell Molly Ivins' name correctly. And did you know we've had three Bush presidents from Texas?

Here's a suggestion for The Guardian: next time you want to condescend to Texans, at least be smart enough to get most of your facts right. Until then, keep your smug sense of superiority to yourselves.

UPDATE: Welcome Chronicle opinion readers! This blog started out as a personal way to chronicle the impending gubernatorial primary between Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. That didn't happen, and so far Carole Keeton Strayhorn isn't running close or gaining ground on Governor Perry. Perhaps Kinky Friedman or a so-far unannounced Democrat or perhaps even Chris Bell will make the gubernatorial race interesting. However, the blog's focus has expanded beyond the gubernatorial race and contains political analysis on Texas politics.

If that's your thing, then come on by more often.

Posted by Evan @ 11/26/05 11:21 PM


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Dear RPvs.tW,
I had a little tussle myself with the across the pond lefties at the Guardian. Seems they take special delight in misrepresenting, smearing, and sneering at anything connected to the Lone Star State. Read more at

Posted by Travis @ 11/29/05 11:01 PM

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