Dick DeGuerin

David Casstevens of the FWST profiles famed criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin:

During his last year in law school at the University of Texas, Dick DeGuerin drove to San Antonio and applied for a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His interview went well, he believed, until ... "Have you ever been arrested?" the agent asked, fixing him with a level gaze. DeGuerin wasn't under oath, but his father, a lawyer, had taught him to be truthful, and he didn't dare lie to the feds. For all he knew, J. Edgar Hoover already had a file on him. "Yes," DeGuerin replied.

The applicant told the story about watching an annual spring parade near the Austin campus with a few college buddies. As they sat curbside in DeGuerin's 1959 Chevrolet convertible drinking beer, a float appeared along Guadalupe Street carrying Price Daniel, who was then the Texas governor.

"I'll bet he'd like a cold one," DeGuerin suddenly thought.

He hopped from his car, a can of suds in hand, and in his uninhibited haze, attempted to climb on the governor's float.

Police arrested him for public intoxication.

I'm amused. The rest of the profile is pretty entertaining too.

Success for Tom DeLay is to get the case dismissed as a matter of law or to be found not guilty on a speedy enough trial in order that he retain his leaderhip role as House Majority Leader. Can DeGuerin do it?

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